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Welcome,   and   thanks   for   visiting.   When   I   ran   in   2014   to   be   your   Sheriff,   I   promised   you   that   we   would modernize   the   Jefferson   County   Sheriff’s   Office   (JCSO)   to   better   align   our   policing   strategy   with   the community’s   needs.      I   have   kept   that   promise.      Working   together   with   state   agencies   and   our   Citizen’s Advisory   Committee,   the   JCSO   is   now   governed   by   the   best,   professional   practices   in   law   enforcement. Our community feels safer and our social fabric is stronger. We   embarked   on   this   effort   because   the   status   quo   is   unacceptable.      In   law   enforcement,   we   must   maintain a   constant   state   of   evaluation   and   assessment   of   our   work   and   how   we   meet   the   needs   of   our   changing community.      I’m   asking   for   your   vote   for   re-election   because   we   must   continue   this   process.      Everyone   in our community must be treated equally, fairly and respectfully, without fear or favor.  This   election   is   about   the   future   of   Jefferson   County   and   whether   or   not   the   JCSO   will   continue   to   develop to   its   full   potential,   providing   the   most   efficient   and   effective   law   enforcement   services   to   our   community.     Your   support   and   your   involvement   in   this   re-election   campaign   will   help   ensure   the   success   of   our mission and make Jefferson County an even better place for you and your family. Sincerely, Dave Stanko, Sheriff, Jefferson County, WA
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JCSO 2018 Stratigic Plan JCSO 2018 Stratigic Plan
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